The IRF Group


the irf group is a strategic & operations consulting firm serving exploration and development teams in leading oil & gas corporations and host-government agencies with differential, value-added stratigraphic technology

the irf group is prepared to assist in-house paleontological coordinators, as well as non-paleontological personnel, to achieve maximum results from biostratigraphic data sets and to realize the full benefits of a comprehensive exploration and production analytical support program

the irf group provides project technical services to companies who do not have in-house biostratigraphic staff, to companies who need specific age or geographic expertise to solve short-term geological problems, and to companies who require long-term support for ongoing exploration and production programs

the irf group focuses on all aspects of biostratigraphic project management and integrated stratigraphic studies, including

  • planning and design
  • implementation and coordination
  • data acquisition and evaluation
  • stratigraphic interpretation
  • display and visualization
  • interdisciplinary integration
  • software and data compatibility
  • database design and archiving

the irf group applies a variety of analytical methods to develop cost-effective and dynamic solutions to regional stratigraphic problems, and we work closely with clients to implement our work

  • sequence stratigraphy
  • biofacies characterization
  • computational biochronology
  • quantitative ecostratigraphy
  • statistical data analysis
  • integrated depositional models
  • age-depth plots
  • standard time scales
  • state-of-the-art display graphics
  • dynamic interpretation models
  • workstation-compatible datasets

the irf group provides a comprehensive suite of services necessary for a state-of-the-art biostratigraphic program

  • strategic project planning
  • turn-key operational support
  • risk analysis evaluation
  • visual kerogen typing/thermal estimates
  • pre-drill regional data synthesis
  • regional studies/correlation models
  • field program support & well sitting
  • quality control & contractor evaluation
  • data set evaluation & integration
  • restudy & display of existing datasets
  • geological sample logistics
  • sample processing for all microfossils
  • database implementation & maintenance
  • directional drilling support
  • hardcopy and digital data & reports

the irf group maintains client confidentiality and secure treatment of proprietary concepts, data sets, and materials

the irf group maintains a network of strategic alliances with other geoscience consultancies in order to bring to projects the appropriate technical expertise that best meets the specific exploration and production needs of our clients

The IRF Group

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Anchorage, AK 99507
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